Dr. Pragya Gupta

DR. Pragya Gupta

About Gynecologist

No matter what your concern, your first stop is one of our expert health professionals, Dr. Pragya gupta, providing best treatment through accurate diagnosis.  She is committed to deliver complete health assurance of the patients.  

Dr. Pragya gupta is one of Lucknow's top obstetricians and gynecologists. She always tries to offer patients her all. Dr. Pragya interacts with patients in a wonderful way. After completing her MBBS at MLN Medical College in Prayagraj, she worked at Balrampur Hospital in Lucknow. In obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Pragya Gupta received her MD from King George Medical University in Lucknow. She was a member of the faculty at the KJ Somaiya Medical College and Hospital in Mumbai, where she participated in a variety of educational initiatives for MBBS, MD, nursing, and physiotherapy students. She is a patron member of PCOS SOCIETY OF INDIA. And also done research work, research paper published in international journal. And she is certified in fertility service. Prenatal care, postpartum care, prolapse of pelvic organs, painful menstrual period management, high-risk pregnancy, painless delivery, vaginal infections, female reproductive organ cancer management, heavy menstrual period management, infertility treatments, vaginal rejuvination, vaginal tightening, Cosmetic gyencological procedures, PCOS management,  and hysterectomy are among the treatments she offers to her patients finally. She enjoys going to different conferences that are conducted in different places so she may learn more about gynecology and the most recent developments in the profession. Dr. Pragya belongs to numerous prestigious associations and societies.
Women who are experiencing any internal or sexual problems should see Dr. Pragya. She is one of the best Gynecologist in Lucknow and will undoubtedly provide her finest care. She places emphasis on treating the patient as a whole rather than just one symptom. Now, She is an expert in providing the right care and attention that your health deserves.



Period problems | ovarian cyst | Uterine fibroids | Hysterectomy | Laparoscope surgery | Sterilization procedures | Dilation and curettage | Ectopic pregnancy| Cervical biospy | Endometrial Biospy | Copper T insertion | Calposcopy | abscess incision and drainage | Pap smear | Liquid Brush cytological assessment.

At our Clinic we are able to provide everything from wellness care to surgical treatment of gynecologic illness.

We are able to cater problems for women of any age.



Painless Delivery |Cesarean | High risk Pregnancy | Recurrent pregnancy losses |Previous abnormal baby | Preconception Counselling | Diabetes | Fetal monitoring

Having a baby can be one of the most rewarding times in any women’s life. We aim to be with you at every step of the way to provide continuous and complete care. From the Moment of pregnancy confirmation to actual birth of the baby, and beyond postpartum. Our team aims to be a vital partner in this natural process.


H.S.G. | Diagnostic Laparoscopy | Hormonal evaluation | PCOS infertility management | PCOS cometic treatments | Laser Acne Treatment Laser Hair removal
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a lifestyle disorder affecting both adolescent girls and women of reproductive age group. Under guidance of Dr.Pragya Gupta, our clinic has become a certified PCOS clinic. Here we not only provide patients with pharmacological management of the disease, but also provide patients with customized lifestyle modification programs.
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Safe Abortion Care

Period problems | ovarian cyst | Uterine fibroids | Hysterectomy | Laparoscope surgery | Sterilization procedures | Dilation and curettage | Ectopic pregnancy

Safe abortion care refers to medical services and procedures provided to terminate a pregnancy in a safe and medically appropriate manner. At our centre we ensure that abortions are performed under proper medical supervision, using safe and effective methods to protect the health and well-being of individuals seeking to terminate their pregnancies. 

Labioplasty| Hymenoplasty | Vaginoplasty| Clitoral hood reduction | Liposuction |Mommy makeover| Tummytuck | Vaginal tightening | LASER vaginal rejuvination | Stretchmark removal by LASER | LASER skin rejuvination | Gspot amplification | O shots| Stress urinary incontinence | Vaginal peels| LASER  hair removal .

 We provide a vast range of surgical and non-surgical procedures that focus on enhancing the appearance and function of the female genital area, making you feel good both inside and outside. 


H.S.G. | Diagnostic Laparoscopy | Hormonal evaluation | PCOS infertility management | PCOS cometic treatments | Laser Acne Treatment Laser Hair removal| Semen analysis | Ovulation induction | Intrauterine insemination (I.U.I.)
With 10% to 15% couples struggling  to get pregnant, infertility is more common than you might think. Here at our centre, we provide couples with proper counselling, evaulation of infertile couples and required management of the same.

Our Happy Clients!

Dr. Pragya Gupta consultation is simply awesome.... Just like family member. She is one of best Gynecologist approachable on phone call, what's app, clinic & hospital. She treats patients hussle free.​

Gaurav Singh Verma

I m short of words to express my gratitude to dr. Pragya Gupta . The way she handled my wife (Nisha Verma) pregnancy n delivery it’s remarkable. She is a perfect blend of good human being and a doctor. Most humble and polite and of course most capable which always keeps her patients at ease.​

Bipin Singh

Dr pragya mam is very cooperative in nature. Even she allow us to make call any time during any problem in my pregnancy period. I say she is best gynaecologist in lucknow.​

Purnima Rani

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